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About Acti-Kare in the Blue Ridge, VA

About Acti-Kare in The Blue Ridge, VA

Kim & John Moisa
Franchise Owner and Area Director

Kim Moisa has been a Registered Nurse for over 23 years. She has worked in an adult cardiac unit, 3 neonatal intensive care units, a skilled nursing facility as charge nurse, 5 years working hospice care, and the last two years managing Noah’s Landing a residential senior care home, opened by Kim and her husband John in December 2014. She has also worked for 4 years as a Clinical Nursing Assistant, while earning her Bachelors in Nursing degree. She is recognized for being extremely detail-oriented, knowledgeable, caring, and professional. She is also known for going above and beyond a family’s expectations when caring for their loved one.

John Moisa Was the founding owner of Arch Investigations, a private investigations company, and has additional management experience in two other service-oriented businesses. The last two years He has operated as the administrator for Noah’s Landing a residential senior care home. He has worked as a police officer for 12 years, and is known to be proficient, hard-working, personable, knowledgeable, and a good communicator with people of all backgrounds.

One of the key motivations for Kim and John to open Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care is Kim’s grandmother who at the age of 101 still lives independently in Manhattan, N.Y., proving that with just a little assistance seniors can often thrive in their own homes. Kim and John have a passion for seniors, and helping those in the most difficult times of their lives. That is why they have opened Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care Providing quality in-home care services to families and seniors in Roanoke, Bedford, Smith Mountain Lake, Lynchburg, and the surrounding areas. Carefully selected, highly vetted, qualified caregivers will deliver compassionate care to anyone who needs at home care: seniors, new and expecting moms, disabled individuals, memory care patients, recovering patients, infants, children and even pets.

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